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  • We invite you on a wonderful culinary journey to the land of Princess Leila, the ruler of the Middle East. Discover the richness of flavors and the secrets of the cuisine that have captured the heart of our restaurant, inspired by the legend of the great Leila.

  • The culture of hookah smoking is deeply rooted in the traditions and rituals of the Middle East. The hookah, known as a recreational pastime or a way to relax, is a means through which families, friends, and business partners in these cultures express hospitality and strengthen bonds with each other.

  • Our cuisine is incredibly diverse and rich in flavors, reflecting the diversity of cultures and traditions of the Middle East. It is characterized by the use of fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, and fragrant herbs. 

  • We welcome you to our bar. Our bar offers a wide selection of traditional drinks and snacks that perfectly complement the Arabic cuisine.

Meet Leila


Leila, is more than a restaurant, it is a combination of love and passion for cooking with traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. As befits the flavors of the region, the chef is Jordanian Ahmad, because who can know Mezze cuisine better than chefs hailing from the region in which it originated. Leila is the perfect place whether for business meals, family dinners or quick snacks. Hummus, falafel, mutabal, eggplant paste (zaluk), shakshuka, are just a few of the dishes served at Leila restaurant.

A Unique Place


We have created a perfect place for family gatherings or business lunches, located right in the heart of vibrant Warsaw, just near the Novotel hotel. Our Leila is a piece of our region that we have brought to Warsaw, where we feed your hearts with love for cuisine. The greatest reward for our team and chef is the words of our wonderful guests, saying that Leila is their favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in Warsaw and a place they have forever fallen in love with. It is you, our guests and friends, who are the most important to us; it is thanks to you and for you that Leila was created. Every day, we do everything for Leila to be the perfect Middle Eastern restaurant for you.

Leila Restaurant

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